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aldie 2022
Welcome Home

Every 5 years, Beagle fanciers from around the World make the pilgrimage to the village of Aldie, Virginia.  Aldie is deeply rooted in history, being minutes away from historic sites on hallowed ground of the Civil War.  Institute Farm, where the National Beagle Club calls home is no different, playing many roles in its years including a plantation, a civil war hospital and a school for boys.  It is a rustic venue that feels magical when you are there.  A venue you wish you never had to leave.

In September 2022 Johnny and I made the trek to this very spot.  At this location he made his first spin around the ring with future co-owner Jon Woodring as a 12-18 month youngster.  This year, with me on the end of his lead, he made his final spin.  This dog has always exceeded my expectations and this event was no different, winning 


from the 10 plus Veteran dog class.

there were so many great memories from this trip...I couldnt pick just one or two, so enjoy the gallery.  Thank you to everyone who took pix either professionally or not and sent them to means more than you'll ever know.


One last perk of this year's Aldie National was getting to be part of the "Oldtimers" photo in the shadow of the main house...those Beaglers who have been exhibiting at Aldie since 1997 or before.

What a thrill to be included among all those who went before and produced the great dogs that have made our breed what it is today.  I'm proud to share Johnnys impact with these peers!

Photo by Jennifer Bell

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