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american canadian biss GCH

traJam the tourist


Hips - OFA Good

Embark panel clear for all genetic disorders

"A striking package"

Barbara Scherer

Judge 2012 National Beagle Club


Johnny's Retirement Portrait by Samantha Lengyel
Johnny & Tracy are pictured with Co-owner, Jon Woodring and Madeline Baeck

Johnny is the culmination of this breeders' dream. It took 2 years for the stars to align and for this breeding to happen.

He has never beenn a huge fan of the show ring but Breeder/Owner/Handled, turned it on and was awarded Best in Specialty Show at the 2015 Spring Specialty under Breeder judge Michelle Sagar.

As a sire, he stamps his look on his puppies not only in the first generation but in generations to come.

As a pet, he is second to none.

He is my heart!

Johnny made his final ring appearance at the

2022 National Beagle Club Specialty in Aldie, Virginia

So many great photos were taken of our 11 year old Veteran, click Here to see them


Enjoy Johnny's gallery.  Click any photo to enlarge to full screen.

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