sharing the good ones

We all started somewhere.  I'll never sell a dog as show quality, something I wouldn't walk in the ring with myself but well...sometimes they are pretty special!


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trajam almost famous

"Katie" was placed as a 4 month old puppy with Christopher Giroux of Branston Beagles.

She may be "Almost Famous" but the whole Beagle world knows her name as the mother of

am/can BISS GCH TraJam The Tourist

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trajam who's yur daddy

"Jack" went to Finland with Satu Latinen after finishing easily in Canada. 

He completed his Russian title in a weekend while with Ami-Shegoday Kennels there.

Jack passed away early in 2020, just shy of his 14th birthday.


CH TraJamKetra Against All odds

"Collins" beat the odds survivng parvo at 6 weeks of age!

She can do anything!

  She flew to her title for Suzanne Telford a the AKC Summer Classic show piloted by Will Alexander.

She has passed her beauty on to her kids,

CH Telford Calling the Shots

ch Telford Take A Look At Me Now 

ch trajam longhorn shameless

The fabulous "Phoebe".

Co bred with Sharon and Aaron Wilkerson and co-owned by Todd and Allison Foley, Phoebe was my first experience with blue.

She is the foundation for the TG Beagles and is the mother of,


MBPIS Am/Can CH TG Ella Enchanted


ch trajam muckross moment like this

"Swan"  completed her Championship in the summer of 2021 as a puppy.  Racking up multiple Best Puppy in Group wins as well as Group placements piloted by her guardian, Melodie Anne Guerit for owner Sabrina Labrie.

Swan is co bred by William Alexander.

We can't wait to see what her contribution will be to our breed!

TraJam Mucross Lookin 4 Phoebe Bufay

"Pheebs" is the long awaited granddaughter of

Westminster Best in Show winner, Miss P.

Bred alongside William Alexander and Eddie Dziuk, she is a littermate to our 15" boy, Joey.

Phoebe is owned by her Breeders and Melodie Anne Guerit.

We are super excited to see this pretty girl mature!


fetch & smell Trajam just peaky

"Shelby"  is the keeper female from our 2022 spring litter.

Co Bred with Macarena Pantaleon, Shelby will be making the trip to South America with Maca in September 2022.

Watch for Shelby in an exciting new medium as well!

trajam Fetch & smell Transcendence

"Ezra" is already winning hearts at the shows as he makes his rounds, hanging out at the shows.

Ezra is our keeper littermate to Shelby and is co owned with Sandra Alder.