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Since we keep a small number of dogs, we breed very selectively and do not always have puppies available. 

Be patient!

Puppies are often spoken for before they are born.   Be willing and ok with being put on a waitlist!

We breed primarily for ourselves to have something to carry on the bloodline we have worked hard to achieve.



frequently asked questions


Q:  How much are your puppies?

A:  TraJam Beagle puppies are priced at $2500. When contacting me in regards to a puppy, this should NEVER be the first question.  If it is, you likely won't end up in a favourable position on the wait list. 

Q:  What comes with your puppies?

A:  A TraJam Beagle is the result of much thought and preparation.  Often litters are planned years in advance to ensure the best possible pairing.
A puppy leaves my home at 8 - 10 weeks of age and by that time they have been,
"Listed"  with the Canadian Kennel Club, registration will follow!
Vaccinated with appropriate shots to date,
Microchipped with a chip from the Canadian Kennel Club for permanent Identification,
Dewormed with Strongid T at 3, 5 and 7 weeks,
Examined by a licensed Veterinarian,
Dew claws removed,
Genetic health guaranteed in writing,
Lifetime breeder support,

Q:  Should I send a deposit?

A:  No!  Deposits are not taken until puppies have arrived and are past the critical first 2 weeks!  When I know that we are at a comfortable stage, I will contact those on the list to send a deposit.  Regardless of where you are on the list, you are not in line for a puppy unless a deposit has been received,


Theo, spoiled and loved by Holly Early


Q:  the waitlist

A:  One of the most common questions is, "How does the waitlist work?"

Over the years, I've tried to come up with ways that work the best for everyone.  I don't keep a large number of dogs (Not every dog pictured on the website lives here) and as a result I only have a couple girls at any given time that are a suitable age for breeding.

As a result of that, I will only open the website to applications when puppies are coming!  Since i only breed on a limited basis, I no longer think its fair to keep a wait list.  As a result, keep in touch, follow me on social media so that you know when plans are made.  Show me that you are seriously interested in having a TraJam Beagle.


A puppy starts their journey to their new home having been raised in my home with the hustle and bustle of the household.  They are well socialized (my kids are grown and gone but I am not above borrowing from the neighbour) with humans of all ages as well as other animals. 

They get a "goodie bag" that contains,

A blanket that smells like home,

A stuffy-less toy (Beagles think destroying toys is a GREAT game and the fiberfill can be very dangerous)

A collar and lead,

some food and water to ease the transition (I am on a well so the water will be different)

Lots of information from Purina including a coupon for a free bag of food!

Q:  How does the microchip work?

A:  We've all seen that post on social media about being microchipped.  Let me assure you, the chip is a BIG needle while the chip itself is the size of a grain of rice!

Nothing is required of the new owner, transfer of the chip is all done as part of the Canadian Kennel Club registration,

Prior to transfer, the chip is registered to ME, so rest assured, if anything happens in the meantime, the chip is still doing its job.

EVERY shelter, veterinary hospital has a microchip reader and can access chip owner information via the CKC (24/7 on


Ya its cute WHEN the puppy kills its toy and stuffy guts are everywhere BUT the fibrefill can be dangerous if they injest it.

Inspect toys regularly for openings where the stuffing can be freed!

When this occurs, either destuff or toss

Skinny toys are fun too!

Q:  Do you ever have older dogs available?

A:  Yes!

Sometimes I will grow up a puppy who, in most cases, just didn't turn out the way I had hoped.  These "teenagers" become available and have already transitioned past the "chew everything" stage!

When an older female is retired from my breeding program, I find them the perfect retirement home as well. 

These special girls are placed on generous terms after a strict screening process. 

Be aware tho!  Even tho an older dog is well mannered in my home, be ready for accidents as you  learn each others routines and they discover the new smells of their environment!


CH TraJam Ketra BCuz Im Worth It aka Blake in her retirement home in Utah!

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